Appeal Ruling #76: 21 December 2023


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This appeal relates to an application for initial registration declined by the Competency Assessment Board (CAB). The appeal was filed by the appellant on the grounds (1) Omitting necessary work samples support evidence; (2) Unclear/incomplete request for further information; (3) Misinterpreted conversation with referees; (4) Failure to take appropriate account of the provided information; (5) Failure to recognise the work samples demonstrate that the applicant meets the minimum standard for registration; (6) Failure to recognise Civil Engineering as practice area; (7) Four additional work samples were omitted; (8) Onerous request for work samples evidence; and (9) Assessment of previous similar applications/cases should be taken as a precedence/baseline. The applicant sought to have the decision to decline their application reversed. The Appeal Panel found that none of the nine statements were proven, to the extent, the Appeal Panel considered overturning the decision or returning the matter back to the RA, for reconsideration.  The appeal was therefore dismissed and the CAB’s decision to decline the appellant’s initial CPEng registration was upheld.