How is the Council Appointed?

The Minister of Building and Construction appoints the Council members.


Members must be knowledgeable about professional engineering.


The Minister must have regard to the aim that the members collectively represent the range of engineering practices and disciplines and not recommend a person who is a member of the governing body of the Registration Authority or an employee of the Registration Authority. (The Registration Authority is Engineering New Zealand)


CPEC must be composed of at least six, but no more than eight members including:

  • three persons nominated by Engineering New Zealand
  • one person nominated by ACE NZ and
  • two to four persons appointed by the Minister, of whom one will represent consumers.
  • The Minister may appoint a Chair and a Deputy Chair

How Does the Council Operate?

The Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002

The purpose of this Act was to reform the law relating to the registration of engineers and to establish the title of chartered professional engineer as a mark of quality; and, to those ends, this Act

  1. established a registration system for chartered professional engineers, under which persons who wish to be chartered professional engineers must meet minimum standards to be, and continue to be, registered:
  2. requires a code of ethics and a complaints and disciplinary process to apply to chartered professional engineers:
  3. requires a professional body to carry out the functions relating to the registration system, the code of ethics, and the complaints and disciplinary process, and establishes a statutory body to oversee aspects of those functions:
  4. repealed the Engineers Registration Act 1924


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The Act

Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Rules (No 2) 2002

These Rules have been prepared by the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand Inc. (pursuant to section 40 of the Act) and in the case of rules containing CPEng standards, have been approved by the CPEC, in accordance with section 41 of the Act.


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The Rules