Appeal Ruling #47: 18 December 2017


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Appeal Description

This appeal relates to a complaint that alleges, a chartered professional engineer (CPEng) failed to meet the requirements of a chartered professional engineer. The appellant alleges that the same CPEng threatened and intimidated him, in his capacity as a High Court witness.

Appeal Finding 

This appeal was declined. While the panel found that the CPEng had breached Rule42F by not treating the appellant with courtesy and respect, the breach was insignificantly grave to warrant further investigation.The panel requested the CPEng to familiarise himself with the updated code of ethics and ensure that he follows these in all his engineering activities.

Please note:

34. Should read: the RA provided a complete bundle of all documentation relating to th complaint electronically on 31 August 2018.

39.The appeal was heard on the papers via telephone conference on 15 December 2017.